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What Is Dogoinu Launchpool?

Dogoinu Launchpool allows a user to stake DOGO tokens to earn tokens of other projects for Free. The amount of tokens received depends on the amount of tokens a user has subscribed to the pool and the total amount of DOGO tokens staked in the pool.
A user can earn the new token over a set period of time, usually around 30 days (subject to discussion). The tokens a user earns are calculated every 3 seconds, and a user can harvest the pending rewards at any time.

Why Choose Us?

  • Global exposure
Get access to 100K+ users across the globe
  • Liquidity
Projects launched on Dogoinu Launchpool will be listed and have high trading liquidity.
  • Token Distribution
Your token will be instantly distributed to a large user base that holds your token.
  • Trading Competition
Dogoinu will organize a tournament dedicated to your project to maximize trading volume with your token.
  • Marketing Boost
Your project will be promoted across all our social media platforms with an audience of over 50K+.
  • New Opportunities
Your token might also be added to Dogoinu Farms with high APR.

Launch Your Project on Dogoinu Now!

Farms stimulate users to provide liquidity for your trading pair by distributing DOGO tokens to your pair’s LP token holders. Launchpool is a platform where a project owner can distribute tokens to BSC users who stake BDX tokens in the pool. When a project applies for Dogoinu Launchpool we can also create a new farming pair (subject to discussion).
Dogoinu Launchpool and Farms are platforms that help project teams promote their token and get exposure to 100K Dogoinu active users across the globe. We look for strong teams with clear and innovative vision in the crypto space. If you think you are one of the projects, do not wait any longer and apply below.
Dogoinu team is ready to allocate $10,000 for the trading tournament only for 10 best projects that will add their token to Dogoinu Launchpool.
​Apply to Launch​

Listing on Dogoinu

How to have my token listed on the exchange?
Basically, anyone can list any BEP-20 token on Dogoinu. There is no need to contact our team or ask for permission. Everything you need to do is to add liquidity to the liquidity pool. Once added, users can trade your token by entering your token’s contract address.
Is it possible to add my token to the default list?
Dogoinu does not accept requests to add tokens to the approved list. In order for your token to be added to the default list, you will need to apply for the Dogoinu.

General Information

In case the above sections do not cover your questions, you can always send an email to [email protected] Please, do not chase us for a response via our social media profiles or TG chat. We respond to applications sent via the application form only. An approximate response time is 3-5 business days.
Beware of scammers! Do not reply to messages sent from unofficial communication channels of Dogoinu .
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